My Favorite Pajamas, Lingerie & Lounge Clothes on the Anniversary Sale!

lounge clothes lingerie

With the Anniversary Sale winding down a little bit, it’s easy to forget about stocking up on these staples.  This is the time that I love buying things that I need to replenish, while getting them on sale.  Here is a list of all of my favorite pajamas, lingerie, and lounge clothes that I use daily!

1) Hanky Panky’s: I wear these under jeans and looser fitting dresses and skirts.  They never go on sale, so this is the perfect time that I like to stock up!

2) Commando Thong: I wear these all the time!  I love them under white denim, dresses and skirts that are more fitted.  They don’t show any lines and are so comfortable that you don’t feel like you have anything on!

3) Natori Feathers Bra: I have worn this bra for years.  It has such a pretty lace detail, but is really soft on the inside.  If you have never been fit by a certified fitter in lingerie at Nordstrom, I highly recommend it.  9 out of 10 women are currently wearing the wrong bra size, and it makes a huge difference in the way you look, feel and the way your clothes fit, just to name a few!

4) Make + Model V-Neck Tee: Make + Model is a Nordstrom brand, and I am hooked!  They make the softest lounge clothes and pajamas ever.  When I get home from a long day, I grab this tee along with the pajamas listed below and call it a night.  They are SO soft and cozy, I just want to live in them.  I wish I could wear them all day!

5) Make + Model Sweatshirt, Joggers, Shorts:  These are all the items that I wear each morning/night around my house.  I tend to get hot when I sleep, so I don’t sleep in these, but wear them constantly!

6) Spanx Shaper: I wear these under tight fitting dresses to add control and help smooth.  I like these because they come high enough up not to give you muffin top right in the middle of your waist.  Not a good look.  Ha!

7) Nordstrom 2 Way Seamless Cami: These are the best camis!  They are on sale 2/$36 right now.  I like them because they are reversible, so you can have a v or straight neckline in the front or back.

8) Barefoot Dreams Throw:  I love the neutral cheetah print one!  These are super soft and make the best gifts.  Stock up now while they’re on sale and save them for gifts around the holidays.

9) Barefoot Dreams Robe:  It’s the softest robe ever!

10) Day Bra: This is a super comfy bra for wearing around the house or out and about if you don’t need a ton of support.  Women also like to sleep in these for added support during the night.

11) Cozy Zoe Sleepshirt: The captions on these are too cute!  This brand makes really soft sleepshirts!