Worth the Splurge!

After the micro, then comes the Nano.  For those of you who aren’t as familiar with Céline handbags, they offer three sizes in their luggage tote.  The largest is the Mini, one size smaller is the Micro, and the Nano is the tiniest of them all.  The Micro is my all time fav size for running around town as I’ve said before.  However, I also really looooveee the Nano, but it serves a completely different purpose.  Since it’s so tiny, it really only will hold a few cards, a lipgloss, keys and sunnies.  Like that’s it.  The leather cross body strap makes it a casual bag for running around during a time that you need or want to be hands free.  And it’s just so tiny and adorable, what’s not to love?!

I also really love the color of this bag!  A pop of yellow anywhere will brighten up your ensemble quickly.  It’s such a vibrant, happy color, and I love putting splashes of it in whenever I can.  Even a yellow shell underneath a jacket would be a fun way to incorporate it if you don’t necessarily want to have a yellow bag.

Let’s talk about the sweater, which by the way is my new favorite designer Brochu Walker.  I thought this sweater was so interesting and unusual with the high slit on one side and then the long V in the back.  I’ve probably worn it at least 5 times in the last month!  It’s perfect for our Florida winter with just a tank underneath, but also great traveling north and wearing a turtleneck and adding a scarf.  I felt like there were enough ways to mix and match this top that it was worth the splurge!

Lastly, I can’t be done with this post without telling you that the Chanel necklace I have on is probably my most favorite thing that I own (promise to get a more up close pic of this in a later post for you).  I got it in the fall of 2014 right before I was headed to NYC for none other than a sight seeing and shopping trip.  I had saved and saved for the trip because I knew I wanted to shop it up while I was there.  Well, there was a slight game changer.  We got this necklace in at Nordstrom a few days before I left and I knew I had to get it.  I had been lusting over a Chanel necklace forever anyways, and I knew this one was perfect!  What drew me to it (with some out of body life force) was the fact that it has no hardware in gold or silver, so it literally goes with everything.  I’ve worn it a million times with anything from a dress to a casual tee, layered with other necklaces, worn alone long or doubled to make it short.  In other words, you can never go wrong with Chanel jewelry or Chanel anything for that matter.  It’s timeless and classic, and you will have it forever.

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Brochu Walker Sweater | Frame Denim | Chanel Necklace | Chloé Ankle Boot | Valentino Sunglasses | Céline ‘Nano’ Handbag


  • Leah F

    Hey! Love the blog. Where is this studded belt from? So cute!

    • ChristianBlair

      Hey Leah! It was actually free with this skirt I got from Forever 21 probably 10 years ago..it’s so funny how some things like that stick around forever ha! I’ll try to find some similar options for you and send them your way. Thanks so much for stopping by!