Welcome to Miami!

These pictures are the start of my trip to Miami.  I went with 2 of my closest friends and we had so much fun!  It was still SO hot and humid down there, but I rallied for you guys to do some fall outfits.  This look was so easy, and I especially love the sweater.  It’s a lightweight wool, so it’s perfect for layering or just wearing alone on a cooler day.  It has all of my favorite fall colors in it, so I was immediately drawn to it.  I wanted to pull out the gray from the sweater, so that’s why I chose the jeans, keeping the look light and making the sweater pop.  Even though there was no black in the sweater, I really liked how the booties went with the edginess of the pattern.  Lastly, I wanted a slouchy handbag to complete the look.  I got this bag back in July and I have to admit that it’s been hard to put it down!  It’s so roomy and lightweight, and the leather is incredibly durable.  Givenchy makes this bag in several different leathers, but this one is called the Pepe leather which gives it that wrinkled look.  I think this leather is the most durable one of them all.  And talk about options…you can wear it on your shoulder or crossbody, or carry like a satchel, which is perfect for my crazy life running around all over the place (I know so many of you can relate to that)!

Speaking of running around, I’ll be in NYC shooting some looks over the next couple of days, so stay tuned for some authentic cold weather looks.  This Florida girl can’t wait to see all the colors of the leaves and enjoy the crisp fall weather!  But for now, I hope you enjoy the next several posts from Miami!




Carven Sweater | Frame Denim | Balenciaga Booties | Valentino Sunglasses | Givenchy Pandora Handbag | Chanel Earrings