Vests: Pointless or Purpose?

I was in awe this day walking down Meeting Street in Charleston and then onto the historic South Battery.  Every single home is worth stopping to see and peer in their gates to get a glimpse of the gardens.  I just couldn’t get enough!  I think we’re all guilty of this but, I had the incredible privilege of not only visiting Charleston almost every weekend for years, vacationing there and living there, and I’m the first to admit that I totally took it for granted!  I think it was large in part due to my age, which is why I couldn’t be bothered (insert eyes rolling) with all the beautiful architecture and history.  Let’s just say that I’m beyond thankful to have been given the opportunity to go back and soak it all in!

I wore this outfit because I wanted to be comfortable walking around.  Since the town is over 500 years old, there is cobblestone and uneven bricks galore, but it just adds to the sweet charm of it all.  Comfortable, stable shoes are a must!  Stuart Weitzman rarely lets me down.  He designs some of the most fashionable shoes that feel so good on the foot, which is hard to come by!  I know you’re thinking “how can those high heel boots be that comfortable?!”.  Here’s a travel tip: It is helpful to change your shoes from flats to heels from day to day.  It doesn’t have to be a super high heel, but a slight lift is always good.  Trust me on this one!

I have been a huge fan of vests this year because as we all know, it hasn’t really been that cold until now, and they are such a fun layering piece without getting too hot.  A ton of people ask what the point is of a vest, and I think they serve a major purpose: they’re perfect for the days that are not super cold, but just a little chilly.  In other words, perfect for Florida, or if you live in a climate where you get all the seasons, ideal for spring and fall weather.  I love how the vest was the pop of color in this all neutral outfit, and the sweater underneath is light enough to wear alone on a cool day or layer like I did.  It has a fun detail in the back, which would also be great to wear for a night out!

I hope you enjoy this look, and thank you so much for reading and sharing!










IRO Vest | A.L.C. Sweater | Current Elliot Jeans | BaubleBar NecklaceGivenchy Handbag | Stuart Weitzman ‘Highland’ Boots | Céline Sunglasses