Ughhhh, I have nothing to wear!

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Have you ever sat in your closet and thought “ughhh I have NOTHING to wear!”? Just like many of you, I know I have.  When in doubt, a black blazer will work for just about any occasion.  Going to work, going out with the girls or on a date, for a daytime casual chic look or for traveling, this is your answer!  A black blazer can be styled to give you a variety of different looks.

The key to making this look perfect is having a well fitting jacket.  The shoulder seams must line up with your shoulders.  If they are too narrow or too wide, it will make you look larger than what you really are and who wants that?!!  A two button jacket is typically the most flattering or a one button, but the top button should hit you at the most narrow part of your waist.  Again, this will be the most flattering to really nip your waist in.  Personally, I like my sleeves to be very form fitting.  When they are too loose, they can make you look more masculine.  No thank you!  Sleeve length is also important.  Your sleeves (if you wear them long) should hit just below the wrist and not down to your thumbs.  Lastly, don’t be afraid of alterations.  Rarely do pieces fit perfectly right off the rack.  You can make an inexpensive item look very polished by having a few simple alterations done.  A knowledgable tailor should be one of your go to people!

I chose this St. John jacket because it fits me like a glove.  I know what you must be thinking: “my grandma wears St. John”.  Well, your grandma also wore Chanel, so point proven people!  No judgement here.  I love the fact that it’s a knit, which means it moves with me and will travel beautifully.  In other words, it doesn’t wrinkle and will look polished no matter how long you’re sitting, standing, moving around, etc.  This jacket is a classic style and will last me for 20 years, so I don’t mind the investment.  Think about price per wear.  Most times, if you can afford it, it’s better to invest the money up front and buy lasting pieces such as this, rather than buying the same thing over and over because it was cheap and only lasted for a season.  Also, you can wear it a million different ways, so I say it’s totally worth it!

The pics below show two of my favorite ways to wear this black jacket.  My MOST favorite thing to do is scrunch up the sleeves.  This is a more feminine look and definitely more flattering on the arms to have your jackets hit at a 3/4 length.  It’s also a fun way of showing off your accessories like a stacked wrist of bangles and your favorite watch.  A more casual way to wear it would be to put a slightly form fitting white v neck t shirt or tank underneath, pair with skinny jeans and a bootie or your favorite fashion sneaker, minimal accessories, and you’re off!  I hope you enjoy these looks, and please feel free to email me with any questions.

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black pumps, leather leggings

St. John, black blazer, Chanel

St. John, leather leggings

Ippolita, gold necklaces

current elliot, st. john

ripped denim

ripped denim, black jacket