Simplicity at its best

A.L.C. Top | A.L.C. Pants | Prada Shoes | Lana Earrings | Valentino Sunglasses | Gold Bracelet | Gold Choker |


Okay, can we first talk about how obvious it is that I am obsessed with merlot colored accessories this season?  It’s honestly not a color that I’ve loved to wear in the past, and I’ve really never been a “red girl”, but this year I just can’t get enough!  The red section in my closet is small (yes, all of my clothes are organized by color).  Call me OCD, whatever ha!

Back to the point here, this is a simple look that I decided I wanted to add a little pizazz to with a few pops of merlot in the sunglasses, (which I debated on buying for weeks and now won’t take them off) and heels, and then add on a fabulous earring.  I wanted to show this look because so many people are afraid of wearing color, and this is a perfect way to introduce a color into your wardrobe without it actually being in your clothes.  Personally, I love wearing red bags or shoes, and even having a pop of red on my lips.  Pick two though, three is too matchy…just saying!  I also wanted to show that you can mix your accessories by having some high end pieces and some reasonable ones also.  I took a BOOM, in your face earring and paired it with a very reasonable necklace and cuff, and I can promise you that nobody would know the difference.  Fake it ’til you make it, girls!




Valentino rockstud

merlot accessories, sunglasses


earrings, black mother of pearl

merlot, suede, high heels