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Price Per Wear is a huge subject for me because I love seeing value in the pieces I purchase and really feeling like I get my money out of wearing them.  Nothing kills me more than meeting a customer for the first time and hearing they have all these clothes that they don’t wear or don’t know what to do with.  I hate it because not only is it such a waste of money, but it’s also so draining to walk into your closet and despise everything that you see!  That’s where I come in because I want all of my customers to love their wardrobes and use what they have.  The best compliments I get are when my customers come back and are like “Christian, I use this “xxx” all the time!  I always want to help people make good decisions about their purchases and love their wardrobe.

One of the reasons I decided to feature this look is because this leather jacket was an “investment” for me.  I found it in New York last year and was in love with it right away!  Let’s just say it was a pricey piece and full price.  Yikes!!  99.99% of my things come from Nordstrom, so I had to think about this one!  Only for about a minute though because I knew right away that I would use it a TON.  This jacket and I had a major was love at first sight!  And let me tell you, I have probably worn it at least 50 times already!  I wear it back to any color of denim both clean and rips, skirts, dresses, and now shorts.  It’s also a piece that I will have for years, so I definitely feel like I’ve gotten my money out of it and the price per wear is justified.  Just a warning that I’m sure you’ll see more of this jacket!



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  • Jeannine s

    Love your blog…love your style! Who is your hair dresser (color) 🙂

    • ChristianBlair

      Thank you! Her name is Cara and she is at Sophisticated Styles in Palm Harbor, FL