Stepping Into Spring With Orange & Stripes

rag and bone blazer, orange blazer, white denim, valentino shoes, valentino rockstud shoes, saint laurent handbag, fringe bag

Anybody ready for some warmer weather?!  Not me, not yet at least.  I need another month of the weather we’re having now, puhhlllease!  It’s so beautiful during the day and cool at night with little to no humidity, and I love it!  We didn’t really have a “winter” at all this year in Tampa.  Not that we ever really do, but we’ve definitely had some cooler seasons that lasted longer.  Since spring is just around the corner for us, be on the lookout for some transitional outfits that will be perfect for the gorgeous days and slightly cooler nights.  Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for more stripes coming soon…spring collections are filled with them!

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My Dream Jacket

rick owens, givenchy, red antigona, fendi charm, jimmy choo abel, silver pumps, leather pants, karl lagerfeld

I hope y’all all had a fabulous Valentine’s weekend.  I ended up being at home sick…with the flu…after my yellow lab swallowed an entire thick athletic sock whole.  And then had to have emergency surgery.  Yes, that was my Valentine’s weekend.  I missed work all weekend, but got to be home with my sick baby.  Things haven’t been good at the Buck place, so needless to say the pug has basically been running the show.  What else is new, she always does haha!  Anyway, we are all on the mend, and I’m just super thankful that he’s going to be okay.  You can’t turn your head for one minute with him!

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Color Explosion!

chanel, gray sweater, foundrae, celine sunglasses

Right when I tried on these Céline sunglasses, I knew they had to be mine!  I bought a smaller, slightly different version last summer, so when these came out, I was immediately obsessed.  A) they go with everything because they’re black on top and fade into tortoise.  Genius.  And B) Céline is just on fire.  I absolutely love what Phoebe Philo has done with the company and admire her so much.

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Inner City Stroll

saint laurent handbag, rag and bone dress, vince camuto conley

Black, white and yellow is one of my absolute favorite color combos! I wear a ton of black and white because it always looks nice and pretty much goes for any occasion. You really can’t go wrong. And not to mention, it’s classic, but you can make it as modern and edgy as you want.

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Watercolor Blues

givenchy antigona, iro, blue leather jacket, oliver peoples, yigal azrouel scarf

This jacket though!  IRO makes the best leather jackets in the world.  I am obsessed!  They fit the body so perfectly and drape beautifully.  The leather is soft and stretchy and doesn’t add one bit of bulk,  and I looooovveeeee the color of this one.  I seriously die!!  So many leather jackets that I’ve tried on are stiff and end up making you look like a football player…not the look we want, right girls?!  If you can ever splurge, get an IRO jacket that’s perfect for you.  I think this one would also look amazing with all white underneath!

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Fur and Fringe

floppy hat, fur, curls, rag and bone, blouse

I would have to say the most requested post idea I get is showing how to wear an outfit several different ways.  While this one is a simple change of shoes and accessories, it shows two different ways to wear a look.  One way has more of a boho vibe with the fur vest, fringe bag, and floppy brim fedora, whereas the other way is more on the modern glam side.

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70’s Inspired

suede dress, current elliot, wedges, 70's

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you know I’ve talked about incorporating “conversation pieces” into your wardrobe.  I saw this handbag and immediately wanted to build an outfit around it!  The colors and the geometric design make this bag original and unique.  And I love the fact that the colors are neutral enough that you really could wear it with a lot…except other patterns.  I would stick to solid colors in your outfit with this one!

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Pink Lady

As I was scrolling through Instagram last week, I saw a necklace on Sincerely Jules, who is this fashion blogger that I have followed for a while.  She’s so cool and I love her style.  I learned from tapping on her pic that she was wearing a necklace by this brand Dylanex, which was a little too hardcore for me, but it definitely caught my eye!  I immediately went to their website and started looking at their jewelry, and came across the necklace I’m wearing.  Let me just tell you that pictures don’t do these pieces justice.  They’re soooo pretty in person!   You could wear them with anything from a tee to a LBD and they would basically jazz up any ensemble in your closet.

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All Shades Neutral

Spring Trend Alert:  Neutrals!  Ladies, keep your eyes peeled for anything light pink, cream, or gray this spring.  You’re even going to see these looks head to toe, as in all cream or all light pink.  I wanted to mix it up a bit and tie in all these neutral colors with a scarf.  This scarf is a silk and cashmere blend, so it’s very lightweight but also has some warmth to it.  For $98, it drapes beautifully, and I love that it looks like a water color painting.

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Edgy Meets Girly

First, let me start off by saying that my top is made by the designer Alexis, and I wish we carried it at Nordstrom (insert crying face).  She designs some of the most unique, feminine pieces that are just my style.  It’s sort of like edgy meets girly, and let me tell you that her lace is gorgeous!   The details are endless and they do not disappoint.  I also love that this designer appeals to women of many ages.  Some pieces are more on the youthful side, whereas others are classic and timeless with just a hint of modern edge.  This gal has got it down!

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