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I love changing my hairstyles from day to day, but hate having so many tools taking up space in my bathroom.  The Vibrastrait Pro has eliminated that problem for me!  I love how it helps smooth and detangle my hair without grabbing and pulling it while styling.  Here are some products I use along with it to achieve the perfect curls!  Be sure to click ‘Continue Reading’ for step by step details and scroll all the way down to enter this amazing giveaway valued at $252!

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cloud 9 blowout

First, I wash my hair with the Cloud 9 Blowout Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner.  Next, I use the Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Blowout Serum to help protect my hair from any heat damage.  You don’t need much of this at all.  I use about a dime size portion on my hair just for reference.  After this, I blow-dry my hair and use a large round brush to dry it section by section.  This helps give it volume at the root and not look so flat.  After it is dry, I spray some hairspray and texture mist and then brush it out.  This helps my hair to hold the curls all day long and not become flat throughout the day.

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cloud 9 blowout

I followed the directions from Vibrastraight and love the results!  Here are the steps they recommend to achieve the perfect curls:

1. Begin with small pieces of hair around the face. Use the Vibrastrait Pro Flat Iron to gently grasp hair ⅓ of the way down from your roots, gently rotate the Vibrastrait Pro Flat Iron 180 degrees away from your face. Pull down and let the full hair length pass through the plates.

2. Continue the same process with the remaining sections of hair. Remember to alternate the direction you are rotating your hand for a more natural, beachy look. For pieces on the bottom layer of your hair, start the Vibrastrait Pro Flat Iron ½ the way down the length of hair.

Alternating the direction of your curls is very important for a more natural look!  The smaller the sections are of hair that you style at one time, the fuller and tighter your curls will be.  If you use larger, thicker sections of hair, the more natural and wavy your hair will be.  I tend to use larger sections for a looser look.  For the finishing touch, I brush it out afterwards and use the Cloud 9 Hairspray to finish off my look.

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cloud 9 blowout

cloud 9 blowout

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  • TiffanyF

    The Vibrastraight Pro and Cloud 9 products look so amazing and your hair is absolutely stunning!