Daytime Casual to Nightime Chic

Well, I obviously picked a theme here and went with it!  I honestly don’t wear the monochromatic look that often (unless it’s all white in the spring or all black in the winter..obsessed), but blue is considered a neutral, right?!  Right.  I thought the blue sunglasses were chic and fun, and who doesn’t love a fabulous day dress.  This is the perfect dress for daytime with heels or flats, and such a fun dress to transition into going out at night.  The fact that it’s denim makes it casual, but the wax coating is what gives it an edge.  Change it up by wearing ankle booties and layering with a plaid flannel button down over it (as a jacket) and you have a completely different look.  This Rails shirt would look really cool over it!  Click here to see the shirt.  If you put the plaid shirt over it, I would wear a flat sandal or espadrille with it instead of the heels.

I chose the blue Valentino bag to give it more of a daytime feel and then put the leopard clutch with it to show what I would wear at night.  I also have to tell you that these Joie lace up booties are THE most comfortable heel I own.  Joie, in general, makes pretty comfy shoes/heels, but these feel like heaven on your foot!

Lastly, I have to take a minute and tell you about my necklace.   I met a sweet gal from Canada on the floor at Nordstrom one day about 7 years ago or so, and since then have gotten to know her and her family well.  She is super chic and always has the most fantastic jewelry!  After literally begging her for years to bring some of her pieces down to Florida, I finally got to purchase a few.  This necklace is one of my favorites from her because you can also wear it long, and it especially pops when wearing a white top.  It’s so much fun and always a conversation piece, which everyone should have in your wardrobe!  More on conversation pieces coming soon.  If you’re interested in the necklace, please contact









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