Céline Talk

This outfit was super comfy out and about walking around Charleston.  Tod’s shoes in general are sooooo comfortable, and these didn’t disappoint, especially for all the cobblestone streets around there!  I was warm and cozy with the poncho, and adding the hat was a fun accessory.  Even though it was a little windy outside and I was constantly holding onto the hat, I thought it still looked cute.  Maybe wearing a hat in the wind wasn’t the best idea?  Fashion first though, ha!  I absolutely love Rag & Bone hats.  They’re made really well and look good on so many people.

And can we please talk about this bag?!  I know I’ve been on a Céline kick lately, but ugh!  I’m obsessed!  This one is called the Micro Luggage.  It’s the perfect size to me.  When Céline skyrocketed a few years ago, everyone was all about the Mini Luggage.  To me, it’s so big and heavy!  Even if you tried to fill it up, there’s no way you would carry it.  Ok, please don’t misunderstand me, the mini luggage is still a highly sought after and an amazing bag.  Personally, I prefer the size of the micro because it’s just a little bit smaller than the mini, but still an awesome size.  Not too big, not too little.  Sold!

I have to talk for a second about the brand Majestic.  All of their pieces are so soft and stretchy and are thin enough to layer without adding bulk.  You can wash them 100 times and they literally never fade.  I have the turtlenecks, tanks and long sleeve tees, and they are my go to basics in life!  I know you may think they’re pricey, but they last forever.  You honestly can’t wear them out.  Often people don’t want to put money into basics.  They’re like “oh it’s just a tank or a tee” or whatever, but how many times do you re-buy those $10 tanks bc they’ve shrunk so small they would fit a child or they’ve faded to some shade of gray and are no longer black?  I know I have, and I’ve learned my lesson.  Put in a little more money initially, and you’ll get better quality and longer use for the most part.

Fashion Answer:  Yes, you can wear black and navy together!  It is a very sophisticated look and the colors compliment each other perfectly.  Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a great week!









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