Bright Colors + Skulls

This outfit is a prime example of how you can take inexpensive accessories and mix with a designer outfit and nobody would ever know.  One of my customers actually gave me this scarf that she got on the street in New York for $5 after I complimented her on it.  I told her that I thought it looked just like Alexander McQueen, which would normally be at least $300.  Definitely a designer look for less!

Even though it was cold out, I wanted to wear my hair in a pony this day.  I like wearing my hair up when I have a scarf on because I think it’s more flattering to have your hair off your face when you have something bulky around your neck.  Either a pony or top knot, for sure!  I will sometimes wear mine pulled half way up, but that’s just a personal preference for me.

This sweater caught my eye immediately because I love the yellow cuff, and it’s actually on sale now.  I love yellow in general, but I thought this was such a neat touch!  I also like the “cheeriness” (if that’s a word) of the yellow mixed with the “darkness” of the skulls on the scarf.

Girls, listen up…fun fact here.  The sleeve on this sweater is called a bracelet sleeve.  It is meant to be a little on the shorter side because you are supposed to wear bracelets and show them off.  If you ever try something on and the sleeves seem short, ask the salesperson because it could be meant to be that way!  Designers do this especially with jackets, and I love it because I get to layer on more bangles!

I wore my black Frame Denim rips because I wanted this look to be street chic.  Can I please tell you that these are my favorite jeans I own?!  I just bought a second pair because I’ve worn these out and it’s time for a replacement…ridiculous I know, but I’m sure I’ll wear the second pair out too!  The Balenciaga chunky heel boot was perfect because the block heel makes this look more daytime casual than a skinnier heel, and they’re comfy for walking around.

I feel like I talk about comfortable shoes in every post, but I’ve found over the years of being on my feet non-stop that comfortable shoes are a must.  It will just ruin my day if my feet are dying.  With that being said, I definitely have some shoes that are horrifically uncomfortable that I’ll only wear to dinner and I’m sure you’ll see them at some point.  But for now, comfy shoes all day!










Derek Lam 10 Crosby Sweater | Frame Denim | Balenciaga Booties | Scarf (bought off the street in NYC for $5) | Stella McCartney Handbag | Nadri Faux Pearl Earrings | John Hardy ‘Naga’ Cuff | Céline Sunglasses