Begging for these boots!

Okay y’all, I just have to tell you how freaking BADLY I’ve wanted these booties!  I ordered them a few years ago and the sizing wasn’t right.  Like one pair was way too small and the next size was huge.  It was so weird!  And I think it was just me because nobody else that I talked to had this issue.  So strange.  Anyway, I finally decided to give them another try because I couldn’t ever stop thinking about them, and I was so excited when they worked out!  They also come with gold hardware, which I like, but I really love the silver.  I feel like I’ve seen the gold ones more often, so naturally I had to go for the silver.  Y’all know my obsession with black booties..I can never have enough.  It’s really a serious problem!  Black boots and any dessert.  Really.

Anyway, the thing with these boots is that you have to put them with a more simple outfit.  Since they’re so busy, I think they look best with solid colors and a mix of textures.  Layers are fine, and you can definitely accessorize with them.  I would have layered a long silver necklace and a short one with this top, but of course was running out the door and forgot to put them on.  I felt naked haha!  I can’t stand when I forget something like that and then I don’t feel right all day.   It really is such a weird feeling.  Kinda like forgetting to put on mascara.  So annoying and I just feel naked.  Nonetheless, life goes on and I can just explain to you what I meant to do.  Click here for the Alexis Bittar necklace and Bony Levy necklace that I was going to wear that day!

I get asked a lot about what type of shirt to put underneath vests.  You can do a variety of things, but I love a blouse underneath fur because I think it’s just so feminine and pretty.  Especially a v-neck.  The v-neck looks great with the vertical lines of the vest and I think it ends up being very flattering!  You can also wear a turtleneck if it’s a little cooler out or a lightweight, fitted sweater.  The key is wearing something that isn’t too bulky.  I have a post coming soon with a chunky vest, so you can see another way to wear it.  Stay tuned!

Of course, I had to pair my tried and true Frame Denim black rips because they’re another item I have that I wear a ton.  Frame Denim is awesome if you’ve never tried it.  The fabric is super soft and doesn’t bag out on you.  The days of running around pulling your jeans up constantly is over with this brand.  They also don’t get baggy in the knees, which I love!  They’re definitely a win for me.

Since the weather has finally gotten a little cooler, I hope you all are enjoying your layering pieces, namely fur vests or fur of any kind for that matter!










Yves Salomon Fur Vest | Topshop Blouse | Frame Denim | Proenza Schouler Handbag | Chloé ‘Suzanna’ Boots | Céline Sunglasses